Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ACC says NO AKC!

Before you consider the purchase of a "Coton" puppy for $600, $800, $1200, or even $1800 or more from a pet store, commercial kennel, a large scale breeder, or a broker who offers you a puppy "imported from Eastern Europe with championship bloodlines", read the following very important messages from http://www.prisonersofgreed.org/ and http://www.stoppuppymills.org/
For further links and information visit the UCARE (United Coton de Tulear Association for Rescue and Education) web site at http://www.cotonrescue.us/and talk to the people who see firsthand the condition and care of Cotons and other breeds in the puppymills. These puppymills, also called "large volume breeders", are the source of pet store dogs. The dogs are shipped across the country in large trucks stacked to the ceiling with crates containing puppies. Sometimes these puppies are torn away from their mothers before they are weaned. The puppies that survive are cleaned up to make them presentable in the pet stores.
You can make a difference! The puppymills feed the pet stores. No reputable breeder ever places puppies in a pet store to be sold to someone they haven't carefully interviewed. If the pet stores in your home town sell puppies, kittens and other live animals, don't shop at that pet store and let the owner know why. Write to your local newspaper, find other concerned people through your local humane society, picket the pet store and find other ways to let them know their business will improve if they stop selling puppies. Join the growing number of pet lovers throughout the U.S. Counties like Santa Cruz and Santa Clara in California have convinced pet stores, including chains like Pet Smart, that it is not smart to sell puppies. If the pet stores stop selling puppies, the puppymillers will go out of business. Pet stores are their major outlet.

No AKC for Renaissance Coton de Tulear

Please read ACC breeder Lynn Baron's of Renaissance Cotons opinion on why the AKC would be bad for our beloved breed, she makes many very valuable points.
Here is the link: